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EBA 551 Guillotine

Product description:

The EBA 551 employs the latest technology to provide a fully configured commercial print guillotine for the B3 and digital print market. The guillotine includes a hydraulic clamp drive to enable fine control over the holding of the stack to be cut without damaging the print work. A foot pedal provides preclamping. It adds up to a highly versatile machine able to cope with a wide range of print work and material types.

The EBA 551 is a highly flexible guillotine able to take on all types of work thanks to hydraulic clamping system more normally associated with larger guillotines. Productivity is enhanced through programming of up to 9 jobs; Eject function to push paper forwards; side tables to hold the stack before and after cutting. Diagnostic display shows error messages to help pinpoint faults that need attention.

Back gauge movement is automatic, aided by a manual control for precise positioning. The programmable controls set the cut position to 0.1mm accuracy.

Cutting length (mm) = 550
Cutting height (mm) = 95
Table depth (mm) = 570
Narrow cut (mm) = 32
Power back gauge
Beam Guards
Hydraulic cut and Hydraulic clamp
Keypad programming
Optional side tables included
Single phase


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