Guillotine Health & Safety

All power-operated guillotines require a Health & Safety certificate.

This test must be carried out by trained engineers every six months. All our engineers are fully trained and have suitable and necessary experience, together with product-specific training on all health & safety aspects of guillotines. Our engineers are fully aware of the limitations of their own knowledge and expertise and, where necessary, have full support of manufacturer specialists to ensure the safety of the guillotine. 

Each time a guillotine is relocated (including within the same premises) it is required to record results of commissioning inspections and tests.

Each time the machine is modified, record technical details of modification and reason.

Each time the machine is serviced, obtain engineer’s report including details of all work carried out, including repairs and parts fitted.

In-house test failure
If the machine fails any in-house checks, contact us immediately and we will advise. Record all details including operator and supervisor name and date.

These regulations include a requirement for competent persons to maintain, check, inspect and test machines at suitable intervals. The results must be recorded.

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