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Duplo Mini Bookletmaking System

Product description:
The mini collator and booklet making system marries the DFC-120 collator with the DBM-120 booklet making system to create a simple to operate system that can run at up to 2,000 booklets an hour. The modular approach allows a user to grow the system as work demands increase.

The mini collating and booklet making system is operated through a simple to follow control panel which offers the user a great deal of flexibility in how the system runs. Well proven three roller sheetfeeding minimises mis-feeds and cuts operator intervention. The bi directional feed means that collated sets can be directed to a collection point or to the bookletmaker. Set up for different booklet formats takes seconds thanks to automated movement of side guides.

Three feed wheel paper feeding copes with even the lightest stock
Double sheet and mis-feed detectors
Single or twin tower collators optional
Hand feed option
Trimmer optional for true professional finish
Quick set up for different formats
Memory holds 13 setting programs
Finishes 80 page booklets

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