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Duplo DC-445 Creaser

Product description:
Digital printing requires creasing before folding in order to prevent unwanted cracking and the DC-445 Ducreaser is the ideal machine for this task. Designed to cope with short runs with fast set up and multiple creasing options to handle a wide range of products. Optional perforating and slitting modules extend the usefulness of the DC-445 Ducreaser still further.

The DC-445 Ducreaser has been designed to partner light production digital colour printing presses, though its ability to handle A4 sheets at 50 a minute lets it keep pace with more productive digital presses. Creasing is necessary to overcome toner cracking which can plague digitally printed pages and result in a quality finished product. The ability to crease up to 15 times in 0.1mm increments covers a huge range of product types that any customer might require.

Step by step touch panel set up stores and recalls the programs for 30 jobs to save time on repeat product types. A 100mm feed tray capacity and 110mm delivery tray means the DC-445 Ducreaser can run unattended leaving an operator to attend to other tasks. Suction feed removes the risk of marking with an optional air knife to help separate sheets ahead of feeding if static is an issue. An optional ultrasonic double sheet detector prevents misfeeds. Skew and shrinkage adjustments compensate for any image placement issues.

Up to 15 creases per sheet
30 job programmable set up and storage
Up to 50 A4 sheets per minute
110-350gsm nominal paper range
100mm feed pile height for unattended operation
Suction feed to eliminate marking
0.1mm increments and ±0.3mm accuracy
Step by step set up panel

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