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Duplo DC-446 Creaser

Product description:
The DC-446 is a fully automated, highly productive, programmable creasing solution for the short-run digital colour market.

Automatic 8-belt suction feed system ensures the consistent delivery of sheets with no risk of marking. If using digital stocks with high levels of static, an optional air knife can assist with sheet separation. An optional ultrasonic double feed detector ensures only one document will ever be processed at a time with any misfeeds easily retrievable and undamaged.

Up to 20 creases can be placed along the sheet and can be adjusted in 0.1mm increments ensuring a high degree of positioning accuracy. An extremely high level of consistent accuracy during any production run is also assured with a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm. Furthermore, the creasing tool can be automatically adjusted up or down to three possible positions to accommodate different stock thicknesses and provide the best finish.

The 100mm feed pile height is complementary to the rated speed and minimises any re-load time. The combination of this capacity along with the top feeding design means the machine offers exceptional productivity, allowing the operator to perform other tasks while the DC-446 gets on with the job.

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