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Duplo DC-646i PRO Slitter Cutter Creaser

Product description:
One look at the powerful, heavy duty build of the DC-646i is enough to reveal its innovative design and efficient dynamics. Together with its high-quality and motorised tooling, it is the foundation of the most versatile finishing system available in the market today. The result of analyzing the current market trends and anticipating future demands of digital printers, the DC-646i is the perfect solution for a mid to high volume digital printer.
*Optional Rotary Tool and Cross Perforation Module Included*

Speed: 25ppm ( A4 LEF 2 cut & 1 crease)
Operation: Multi-language windows based PC controller software and control panel
Job Memories: 250, Unlimited memories on PC Controller
Feeder: Capacity 100mm
Air knife plus vacuum separation, skew adjustment, Side air blower
In-feed paper size: Width 210-370mm
Length 210-670mm (999mm*)
Minimum finished size:Width 48mm Length 50mm (28mm*)
Paper weight: 110-350gsm
Tolerance: +/-0.2mm
Slits (length of sheet): Six (standard) Eight (with the optional module)
Slitter details: Side margin slit width: 3.2-55mm
Gutter slit width: 5–15mm > 15mm delivers to stacker
Creases: Max. 20 per sheet
Cutter (cross knife): Max. 30 per sheet
Cutter details: Lead edge margin: 3mm (0.1mm*)
Gutter cut between cards: 3mm (0.1mm*)
Trail edge margin: 5.0mm (0.1mm*)
Receiving stacker capacity: 140mm

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