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Duplo DC-616 PRO Slitter Cutter Creaser

Product description:
The DC-616PRO provides the shortrun on-demand digital printer, multifunction finishing in one compact, easy to use solution. It cuts, creases and perforates printed sheets, producing finished applications in a single pass.

The DC-616PRO has been designed for higher return on investment by saving the costs of additional machines by providing automation and reducing production times.

The versatility of the DC-616 makes it ideal for finishing full bleed applications in a single pass. Its rotary slitters, guillotine cutter and depth-adjustable creaser provide the versatility of multiple machines without the costly, manual setup and production times. The introduction of the new perforation module and the ability to print 21 or 25 up SRA3 business cards enables operators of the DC-616 to offer even more at the touch of a button.

Feed Capacity 100mm
Paper weight 110-350gsm
Paper size 210mm x 210mm to 320mm x 650mm (999.99 with extended kit)
25 Cuts in a Single Pass
20 Creases in a Single Pass
Up to 2 Perforations (When fitted with optional perforation module)
Produces up to 10 Sheets per minute
Offers both 21 and 25 up Business Cards (SRA3 Sheet)

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