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Uchida VS-200 Twin Head Drill

Product description:
This is a twin-spindle heavy duty paper drill for frequent drilling work of all types. The VS-200 is designed to cope with any requirement a reprographics department is likely to encounter, with a wide choice of sizes and applications catered for, as well as elements with take away any difficulties in operation.

The VS-200 can add an element of professionalism and quality to drilling papers for binding or archiving needs. The fast preparation features mean the drill is easy to use, while the twin spindle system makes it a robust choice for all drilling needs. Perfect positioning of the bits through a system to achieve synchronised distancing between the bits saves time, particularly as the number of holes drill increases. The ability to adjust the back margin increases the flexibility of the work the VS-200 can take on. A programmable element covering the most commonly needed sizes keeps any training need to a minimum.

The self-centring guides ensure that the paper is always in the correct position when drilling. Programmable feature keeps the operation simple. The 50mm pile height gives a good throughput, with a lockable clamp to hold the paper so prevent movement during drilling. Synchronised adjustment of the distance between bits saves a huge amount of time in getting the position exactly right. Programming options cover the standard settings that will be encountered. Waste is collected in a transparent container for convenience and ease of emptying. Silicon or Teflon coated drill bits are available.

Wide choice over hole numbers
Maximum of 30 simultaneous holes
Synchronised positioning of distance between drill bits
Self-centring guides for paper positioning
50mm paper stack height with lockable clamp
Bit sizes to 13mm
Adjustable back margin of 6-35mm
420mm maximum paper length

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