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Ideal 4108 Cross Cut Shredder

Product description:
High volumes of shredding can be handled with ease by the IDEAL 4108 CC. Inside is a high capacity 300-litre disposable bag for shredded material, and the feeding table and conveyor keep paper running through without jams. It is easy to use and built to last, with specially hardened steel cutting shafts and centralised oil lubrication of the shredding head to ensure smoother operation.

The conveyor belt system guarantees a high work speed without creating paper jams. Also crumpled paper can be fed into the shredding head without problems. Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch element with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.

Pull-out mechanism on wheels for easy removal of the full shred bag (300 litres volume) at the rear of the machine.

High capacity shredder
Conveyor feed with extra side table
Feed width of 410mm
Indicators for operational status
300 litre capacity bin
Security Levels P2, P3
Central lubrication of cutting shafts
Easy access to collection bin
Safety lock, emergency cut off switch
2 year guarantee on cutting shafts

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