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MagnaPunch Pro

Product description:
The all-new GBC Magnapunch Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and durability. Boasting a half-second punch cycle, the GBC Magnapunch Pro provides your office or print shop with a best-in-class high-volume desktop punch.

It has an incredible punching cycle of one second which means it can punch over 49,000 sheets in a period of one hour. Consequently, In case you are running a printing business then this machine will ensure there is a smooth flow in work delivery. Just like the other Magnapuch models, it incorporates flywheel technology which is not common to other punching machines. Compared to the previous models, it has an improved edge guide with an adjustable sliding knob/screw system making it efficient. Has a large chip tray which collects chips from other 40,000 sheets, hence relieving the user of the burden of constant emptying the machine.

Efficient power system driven by flywheel technology that converts electric energy to kinetic energy, allowing for faster acceleration and punching
Half-second punch cycle
Punches up to 49 sheets at a time (varies by punch pattern)
3-way rocker switch allows you to operate the machine with the tabletop trigger or foot pedal
Large chip tray with capacity for chips from 40,000 sheets
All-metal housing
Enhanced edge guide with adjustable sliding knob and screw system
Locking die set system with integrated safety switch, 13 die sets (including a thumbcut wire calendar die), and compatibility with Magnapunch 2.0 dies

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