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GBC MagnaPunch

Product description:
The GBC Magna Punch is an interchangeable die punch capable of punching approximately 10,000 sheets per hour. The interchangeable die sets mean you can change the dies in seconds without the need for tools or levers, automatically locking them into position. Easily accessible punch pins allow them to be removed quickly and effortlessly to accommodate a range of paper sizes. The exclusive 'pinlock' system holds the pins securely in place when the die is out of the punch. The adjustable edge guide is infinitely adjustable to ensure accurate alignment of paper and the large chip tray collects chips from approximately 40,000 sheets, eliminating the need for constant emptying.

High capacity electric punching machine
Dual punching controls
Interchangeable die sets. Easily accessible punch pins
Exclusive 'pinlock' system
Adjustable edge guide
18 - 25 sheet punching capacity depending on die selection
Dimensions: 480 (w) x 250 (h) x 480 (d) mm Weight: 42.8 kg

Foot pedal included
2:1 Round, 3:1 Round, 4:1 round and Comb Dies included

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