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Fujipla ALM-3220 Laminator

Product description:
The Fujipla ALM 3220 Al-Meister fully automatic laminating machine has functions such as automatic feeding, laminating and automatic framing capabilities. In fact, all operations are automatically handled. The operator simply puts the document they would like to laminate into the feeder, pushes the start button and all the laminating work is done automatically. This is the birth of the next generation in laminating machines.

Laminating Speed = 500mm -1200mm/min
(Adjustable at every 100mm)
(3 minutes to finish laminating 10 sheets of A4 with cut)
Temperature Range = 80-130 °C
Handles film from 38 - 125 microns
Max Laminating thickness = 0.4mm (400mic)
Fully Automatic Feeding - Load up to 200 sheets
(Skew-Free Feature and Paper Guide)
Patented technology automatically aligns and guides sheets
A3 and A4 paper size: Laminate with or without margin
LCD display panel shows job status, settings and counter
Automatic stop at end of film
Only takes 5 Minutes to warm up
Automatic Trimming

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