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Guillotine Cutting Sticks - EBA

Product description:
Cutting sticks are an essential part of the whole cutting system. The lifetime of the knife can be greatly influenced by choosing the right or wrong stick.

We supply Vision Clear V2 Cutting sticks for all types and Materials of Guillotine blades including High speed steel and Tungsten Carbide tipped.

On the market there are many colours and variations but the critical factor is the original material and hardness of the Cutting stick.

The benefits are reduced cutting stick contamination and longer blade and stick life.
Product options:
EBA 430, 435 485 x 14 x 14 ST485NH £23.50
ModelEBA 436 (easy fit, round ends) 572 x 14 x 14 ST572R £29.50
ModelEBA 4810, 485, 486 572 x 14 x 14 ST572 £27.50
ModelEBA 550, 551 570 x 14 x 14 ST570 £27.50
Model Size (mm) Code Price:
EBA 721 885 x 14 x 14 ST885 £39.00

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