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EBA 721-06 LT Guillotine

Product description:
The EBA 721 LT is a fully programmable guillotine with an infra-red safety beam perfectly suited to trimming digital print jobs up to 720mm wide and features an air table on the front and rear tables as standard. The 721 LT has an electro-mechanical blade drive and hydraulic power clamping system which can be raised or lowered independently from the cutting system, plus the added advantage of a fully programmable control module for the power back-gauge which features include an accurate self-diagnostics, digital measurement display with a 10-button key pad for pre-setting of measurement, a repeat cut memory key, 99 programs with 99 steps in each program and a programmable eject function for pushing out the cut paper.

Hydraulic clamp for controlled holding of the stack
Cut indicator light
99 programmable back gauge settings
Fast back gauge movement
Digital display accuracy to 0.1mm 720mm maximum cutting length, 20mm minimum
80mm cutting height
Infra red beam safety curtain
Extended side tables included
Three phase

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