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Duplo PFi Blade B3+ Digital Cutting Table

Product description:
Utilizing a flatbed table and digital cutting technology, the PFI Blade B3+ digital cutting table produces short run packaging, customs shaped cards and labels without the need for physical dies.

The PFi Blade enables you to Cut, Kiss Cut, Die Cut and Crease in a variety of paper and card stocks up to 1.5 mm thick and sheet sizes up to 400 x 600 mm.

Utilising a flatbed table and digital cutting technology, the PFi Blade digital cutting table produces short-run packaging, custom-shaped cards and labels without physical dies required. It’s an affordable and versatile solution for prototyping designs and small run production.

During operation, the CCD registration system will read the QR code and automatically pull up he matching cutting file on the PFi Connect Software. It will also read the registration marks and compensate for any image shifting to ensure each sheet is accurately finished. The Blade can cut and crease a folding carton on stock up to 400 gsm in between 15-45 Seconds, depending on the complexity of the carton design.

The PFI Blade Connect software which is exclusive to the Duplo PFi Blade will Automate your Cut and Crease workflows, allow quick changes of order for your cutting and creasing which ensures optimum performance. Furthermore, the PFi Blade Connect software has been specifically designed to enable the automation of individual processes in the workflow as well as assist with simple tool configuration and allow a rapid build up of your tool configuration library for enhanced automation.

No dies required
Easy job preparation and set-up
Automated Feed System
CCD registration system
Universal Tool Holder
Compact and Affordable
Intuitive Software platform
QR code module automates and accelerates production
Max sheet size: 600 x 400 mm
Min sheet size: 210 x 279 mm
Feeder capacity 100mm
30-45 Seconds per sheet (dependent on complexity)
Cutting thickness up to 1.3mm
Max cutting speed up to 800mm per second

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