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Duplo ASM-350 SquareBack

Product description:
The Duplo ASM350 post processes traditional stitch-fold booklets and transforms them into SquareBack booklets that resemble a Perfect Bound finish. These are flat and easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk to loose pages – you can even print on the spine. It gives added value and it is faster, more convenient and cheaper than perfect binding.

The ASM350 connects online to most of the Duplo range of booklet makers including the DBM120, DBM150 and DBM350 Solutions. It connects after the trim unit and the unique SquareBack process ensures that no additional trimming is required.

If preferred you can even use it as a standalone machine as well as a hand fed solution to finish one off booklets or provide sample work.

Offering a SquareBack finish is a must for today’s digital printers, offering this finish can revolutionise what your client expects from a booklet and can guarantee return business revenues.

The ASM350 can also negate the requirement to offer a perfect binding service as the SquareBack technology mirrors that finish in an easier to produce Booklet form. The ASM350 is simple to use, bypass where needed, hand feed or manually operate as required. It also connects in to an existing Duplo system so there is no need to change your production style or slow down your production speeds when you add the ASM350.

A quick set dial on the top of the ASM350 is all the adjustment you need to change the amount of press the machine offers. As the books are flat once produced they are neatly stacked at the machine exit which is handily located on the top of the machine for easy removal.

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