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Duplo 150Fr Bookletmaking System

Product description:
The 150Fr Booklet System is the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaking solution. It features the DFC-100 collator and the DBM-150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer. This is Duplo’s most cost effective solution.
The DFC-100 is a vertically arranged collator available in a 10 station configuration with an output speed of up to 4,200 sets/hour. The DBM-150 is Duplo’s entry level bookletmaker designed for low to mid volume production. The 150Fr Booklet System is the most user-friendly system available in the market today.

The 150Fr Booklet System offers smaller print enterprises, in-plants, offices and CRDs a cost effective solution to their finishing needs.

Duplo systems grow with the business, should production volumes increase, the 150Fr Booklet System can be upgraded thanks to its modular design.

The 150 bookletmaker and trimmer features a state of the art control panel which is very simple and easy to use. The operator can set up a job in four simple steps. Overall the 150C Booklet System is an extremely user-friendly bookletmaker which requires very little training.

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