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Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

Product description:

The user-friendly DB-280 brings professional perfect binding to your desktop. Producing up to 200 books per hour, the automated DB-280 is ideal for short-run and on-demand printing applications.

The DB-280 is one of the simplest & fastest short-run binding systems on the market. The book blocks are simply loaded, the machine then notches the spine and applies the glue and binds to the cover in a matter of seconds. The book can be unloaded in seconds and the next one loaded.

The DB-280 offers three binding functions in one compact unit:
1. Padding, ideal for telephone pads, note pads, NCR pads.
2. Tape bind, this is ideal if you have A4 size covers to use, for manuals, brochures etc.
3. Binding of books, manuals etc with wraparound cover (perfect bind).

Up to 200 books/hour
Wraparound clamp press
Double notching facility for glue penetration
Book thickness up to 40 mm
Max book size 320mm

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