A Visit to Vivid!

CJB Printing Equipment Strengthens Partnership with Visit to Vivid Laminating Showroom

In a bid to strengthen their existing relationship, CJB Printing Equipment, a leading supplier of printing equipment, recently visited the Vivid Laminating showroom. This visit signifies a commitment from both companies to foster stronger collaboration and provide their customers with a wider range of solutions.

"Building strong relationships with industry partners like Vivid is crucial for our continued success," said a spokesperson for CJB. "This visit allowed us to explore new avenues for collaboration that will ultimately benefit our customers and get a better idea of the fantastic new equipment they have on offer."

This development comes at a time when the printing industry is experiencing a shift towards greater efficiency and automation. By working together, CJB and Vivid Laminating can ensure their customers have access to the latest technologies and expertise required to thrive in this evolving landscape.