Gaining Finishing Efficiency with CJB

A Bury print shop has received a boost in its finishing capabilities thanks to the installation of two new Duplo machines by CJB Printing Equipment. The equipment, a Duplo DC-446 creaser and a Duplo DC-618 cutter creaser, will allow the printer to streamline their workflow and offer a wider range of finishing options to their customers.

The Duplo DC-446 is known for its precise creasing, which helps to eliminate toner cracking and ensures a professional-looking finish. The DC-618 is a powerful and versatile machine that can perform up to 6 slits, 30 cuts, and 20 creases in a single pass. This allows for the creation of a wide range of finished products, including business cards, invitations, direct mailers, and more.

"When this customer came to us, wanting to increase their in house production, we were happy to offer our expertise. The two machines that we installed will be perfect for the customers specific needs due to their high volume of greetings cards and other bespoke orders.” said Carl Boulter, CJB. “The Duplo DC-446 and DC-618 are perfect solutions for printers who are looking to increase their efficiency and offer a wider range of services to their customers. "The DC-446’s creasing capabilities will be invaluable for creating high-quality greetings cards and other marketing materials, while the DC-618’s all-in-one slitting, cutting, and creasing features will allow the customer to produce a wider variety of finished products in-house."