Ideal 4860 Guillotine Upgrade

CJB Printing Equipment, a leading supplier of printing equipment, supplied an Ideal 4860 for a customer in Leeds, ENG. The customer was experiencing a growth in demand for high-precision guillotine services from their clients. Their existing guillotine couldn't keep up with the increased workload and required frequent maintenance, leading to downtime and impacting their service/finished product.

The Ideal 4860 is a high-performance guillotine known for its accuracy, speed, and reliability. It features a number of advanced functionalities, including:

  • Automatic backgauge: Ensures precise cutting depths for consistent results.
  • Programmable cutting sequences: Saves time and minimizes errors for repetitive jobs.
  • Hydraulic clamp: Provides strong and even pressure for clean cuts on a variety of materials.
  • Safety features: Includes light curtains and automatic blade stop for operator safety.

Since installing the Ideal 4860 guillotine, the customer has reported significant improvements in their guillotining operations:
  • Increased Efficiency: The automatic features of the Ideal 4860 have significantly reduced setup times and streamlined the cutting process.
  • Improved Accuracy: The precise cutting capabilities of the guillotine ensure consistent, high-quality results that meet the demanding requirements of their clients.
  • Reduced Downtime: The robust design and reliable performance of the Ideal 4860 has minimized maintenance requirements and reduced breakdowns therefore improving producitivity.
  • Customer Satisfaction: By offering faster turnaround times and superior cutting accuracy, they have increased customer expectations and strengthen their reputation in the market.

The Ideal 4860 Guillotine is the 'ideal' machine for a copy shop environment when it comes to the quality of the product, compact size and its user friendly nature. Enquire with us today if your looking to upgrade, or go to our "Guillotines" tab on the website to see the full range that we offer.