Upgrade your existing old Ideal Guillotine

September 2015

Our products have no expiry date - but there are good reasons for a replacement:

1) Ending spare parts supplies

2) New safety standards

3) More features for efficient cutting

Another Ideal Guillotine has rolled out our doors. A long time Ideal Guillotine user has replaced their 20 year old guillotine for a brand new Ideal 5260. The main reason for the upgrade was the beam guard feature because of the time saving when using the guillotine.

"We are grateful to Carl and the team (especially Josh who installed the guillotine) for their professional and expert advise when searching for an upgrade to our existing guillotine. We are very happy to recommend their services and will be using them again in the future.”

Is your old model still suitable for your cutting needs in terms of efficiency, precision and operational comfort? If not, now is the time to think about a replacement.