Launch of entry-level digital Duplo 150Cr Booklet System

November 2015

Duplo has introduced the 150Cr booklet system to its product portfolio to meet growing market demands for entry-level digital bookletmakers with full bleed and crease functionality.

The device combines the existing DC-445 DuCreaser and DBM-150/T bookletmaker to offer creasing, slitting, folding and trimming in one pass. Both the DC-445 and DBM-150/T can be used independently and the system can be built retrospectively.

The firm said the 150Cr, which is available with immediate effect for around £32,500, is designed for entry-level users wanting simple and accurate professional finishing and would benefit digital customers with small-volume production.

It follows on from the success of the 350Cr system, which is a higher-level and higher-volume version of the same system.

The 150Cr, which has 15 separate programmes, can be used as a sheet feeder for pre-collated stock. Other features include 'load and go' unattended operations and inline slitting enabling three-knife trimming, which removes the need for a guillotine.