Happy Customers make us smile

February 2016

An email we received from one of our happy customers.

"Thank you for the installation of the guillotine today. You said it was “like new” condition and you weren’t wrong.  Its immaculate.  My neighbour popped in and thought it as brand new!

I was very pleased with your approach to the deal.  You were very honest and not pushy at all.  You gave me the facts and guided me but always stayed relaxed even when I kept changing the goal posts!!

Dan the installation chap was great.  He took control and knew exactly what was needed in install a very heavy guillotine through narrow corridors.

The training with Dan was clear and easily understood.

He has a very enthusiastic nature and you could tell he is passionate about cjb and maintaining a very high standard.  I did laugh was he got the polish and duster out and remove the fingers prints smile

I am at the early stages of growing the digital print side of my business and look forward to working with you as my sole provider of finishing machinery."