Fujipla fully automatic double sided laminator

February 2016 

Double-sided Fujipla ALM3230 Laminator is the latest addition to the popular Al-Meister series.

The new product is a fully automatic double-sided A3 laminator that saves money and time.

A large volume of encapsulation or exact size lamination is possible with one touch.

Automatic Trimming
AL-Meister automatically senses the size of the paper and selects accordingly. There are two modes. Trimming with margin, which guarantees durability and lamination waterproof, and the trimming without margin, which is suitable for surface treatment. The modes can be easily changed. The margin amount can be adjusted.

High-Performance Automatic Feeder
The advanced automatic feeder enables loading of up to 200 sheets. The newly innovated anti-skew mechanism enables to detect paper skewing and automatically corrects it. Thus the paper feeding has more stability for an excellent lamination. At the same time the operator's work is now markedly reduced.

Excellent Heating Roller System
Combined with a high-performance heater, it can control temperatures perfectly for smooth and flawless lamination.