Fujipla Al-Meister - A breakthrough in laminating technology

CJB now offer the revolutionary designed Fujipla Al-Meister ALM 3220. With automatic feeding, laminating digital stock has never been easier. The ALM 3220 will automatically feed 1 to 200 sheets. It can laminate and trim digital stock while virtually unattended. It is very simple to operate and to change settings, works like a copy machine. The fast warm up time of only 5 minutes allows greater efficiency and the high performance automatic feeder allows continuous production.

The automatic trimming feature gives you the option of cutting with or without a margin and adjusts to different sizes of paper. Al-Meister automatically senses the size of the paper A3 or A4 and selects the correct size. There are two modes; one is encapsulate with a highly durable and waterproofing effect. The other is, laminate without margin which is convenient for documents only requiring surface treatment.