Product Launch - NEW Duplo Long Sheet Feeder

The ‘long A3’ format first appeared in production digital presses about 10 years ago, one of the advanced features now commonly finding their way into entry-level light-production presses, a sector providing 60-80ppm but with only a lightweight 100-300k duty cycle.  This increasingly affordable sector is forecast to grow at a massive 43% CAGR (ref Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends 2020). Duplo aims to capitalise on this by extending support for folding sheets up to 648mm length, sufficient for formats such as a 6-panel A4 tri-fold leaflet, or 4 page A4 landscape brochure.

Until very recently, there was a chasm of difference between a typical office colour printer used for the output of office applications and digital colour presses capable of producing quality print.  The ability to typically support textured and coated media up to 400gsm weight, plus 5th colour options in clear, white, silver, gold, neon colours, all with simpler colour management, is driving a growth in the ability of in-house marketing departments to create their own professional and creatively-different printed material.

Marine Kerivel-Brown, International Marketing Manager at Duplo, said; “This sector needs automated and flexible finishing products that complement the wide range of work being produced, but with ease-of-use and affordability relevant to the target market.   With a range of appropriate products supported by integrated prepress and workflow from the likes of Ultimate and Efi, we feel ideally positioned to support our customers’ desire for producing new and creative applications.  Long format applications are becoming increasingly popular as users take advantage of stretching their digital printer’s capabilities; something the new 1300L Folder can support where other alternatives finish at SRA3 or have inappropriate friction feed systems.  Pairing other new products such as the DC-618 that can handle banner formats up to 1200mm long, while also providing automated cutting, creasing and perforating as an alternative to separate equipment, provide the means to produce a very broad range of applications to complement specific business needs in a very compact footprint.”

Duplo DF-1300L Folder