Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder ordered and then installed the very next day!

For a customer in Coventry a very urgent need arose for a quick upgrade from a Duplo DB-280 to the new Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder. There are two main advantages of the new style machine - side gluing capability and much improved notching and roughing. The side glue is performed by wheels in a dedicated glue tank, whilst the notching and roughing improvement comes from the addition of milling blades to aid the existing notch blade. Combined together, they give the DB-290 a serious boost in glue application and result in industry leading secure book binding from a desktop perfect binder.

The machine needed to be sited upstairs, so after a little huff and puff, we got the job done. Within an hour of arriving, the new machine was well on the way to completing the urgent job it was purchased for. Having the machine in stock here at CJB was a real advantage to both parties, and given the demands put on printers by their time sensitive customer requirements, the quick turnaround a real win for all concerned!

Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder