Fastback 20 Document Binder



The FB 20 is the ultimate desktop binding system with a choice of 6 binding styles for virtually every document requirement including the popular strip binding, softcover and Hardcover™ book binding. The machine is twice as productive as the FB9 which makes it a popular choice for large open-plan offices, reprographics departments and professional printers. The machine is capable of binding a whole host of documents from simple 10 page internal reports to huge 350 page manuals. The specially developed glue has been pull tested to 50lbs so you can confident your document is secure and complete.

For a truly unique finish to your strip bound documents the image strip cannot be matched. Print your your brand, company logo or other messaging onto the binding strip to ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study and report you produce is a cut above the competition.

Strip, hardcover and perfect binding
Binds 10 - 350 page books in 13-20 seconds
Helpful LCD display with edit features
Super strong binding
Fast 20 second binding time
Choice of 6 binding styles
3 different strip widths
Simple one-button operation
Documents lay completely flat
3 times faster than punch-and-bind
Optional branded strips available

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