Duplo DFC-120 Collator


DFC-120 are high speed,easy to use friction collators, with reliable feeding and accurate stacking. Working standalone or as part of a collating/booklet making system with the DBM-150 or DBM-120 booklet maker, the DFC-120 offers a cost effective solution for finishing needs.

10 Station friction feed
User friendly control panel offers several programmable settings
Sensors to detect empty bins, doubles and paper jams
Straight or offset stacking
Collating stations: 12 (2 tower option for 24)
Min sheet size: 160 x 140 mm
Max sheet size: 320 x 450 mm
Speed (sets/hour): 4200
Dimensions: 820 x 618 x 1144 mm

£1,250.00enquire now

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