Citoborma 490 Drill


The compact Nagel Citoborma 490 is a heavy duty and extremely precise professional paper drill. This easy-to-operate machine comes with a wide range of standard equipment.

Holes of various sizes in all kinds of material, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, leather, and textiles, with drill bit diameters ranging from 2 to 35 mm and a maximum pile height of 60 mm. Suitable for large sheet sizes, due to a throat of 460 mm and a depth of 270 mm behind the drill bits.

Two speed drilling
Double stroke speed while moving the heads up for minimum drill bit wear
Hand wheel operated back stop with millimetre scale for quick setup (guided by a twin spindle)
Table lift adjustment via hand wheel
Programme stops to do any hole pattern (stop bars are interchangeable by a quick release)
Optimum safety due to two-hand operation, reversible and safety cover
Receding safety covers for efficient production
Undervoltage protection for maximum safety
Easily movable with a low lift platform truck
Integrated tool cabinet

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