Fujipla ALM 3230 Auto Laminator


The ALM3230 Al-Meister Fully Automatic Laminator, manufactured by Fujipla, is a brand new compact version of the original Al-Meister 3220. While not as speedy as its heavier duty brother, the ALM3222, the ALM3230 features the same advanced automatic laminating technology, using dual heat shoes to laminate extremely resilient glossy or matt film that resists water damage, scuffing and protects its contents from ultra violet light damage. The Al-Meister 3230 laminates at a fixed speed of 1 meter per minute and will automatically feed, laminate and trim in a wide variety of digital sheet sizes up to SRA3.

The most valuable aspect of the Fujipla ALM3230 is its ability to free up the operator's time; rather than sitting and watching each sheet feed, separating them individually and then trimming all four sides, the ALM3230 allows for virtually hands-free operation. Simply place your pages into the feeding tray (up to 100 at a time), adjust your margins to your desired length and width, press the start button and the machine will churn out perfectly trimmed and laminated sheets.

High Performance Automatic Feeder
Anti Skew Mechanism
Reliable Feeding on all paper types
Trims on all 4 sides
Can leave a border or trim to the sheet edge
Feeds up to 240gsm and up to SRA3
Gloss and Matt Finishes
Laminate both traditional and Digital style prints
Load up to 200 sheets at once
Automatic Feed Hopper holds up to 200 sheets
Automatic 4 side trimming with optional border
Very tight finished tolerances +/-0.5mm
Automatic trim waste disposal in base bin
Automatic stacking of laminated sheets
Foot print of small copier
Auto start once running temperature reached
Auto shut down to ECO mode if left unused
Easy load system using colour coded cores
Capable of encap, double and single side lamination.
Warms up in under 5 mins (2 mins from ECO mode

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