Fujipla ALM 3222 Auto Laminator


The next generation in fully automated lamination of digital prints... the Fujipla ALM3222 Automatic Laminator.

What remains the same is the easy “green button” operation that provides virtually labor free laminated and trimmed sheets.

Features of the Fujipla ALM3222:

  • Small foot print less than 1.2 square meters
  • Portable - locking roller castors
  • 240 Volt, 13 amp, with economy mode
  • Ultra quick warm up in less than 5 minutes
  • Virtually unattended operation
  • Digital sheet sizes compatiable
  • Operates with built in long mode so sheet length is infinite
  • Automatically feeds up to 200 sheets before reload
  • Laminates copy paper or as heavy as 350gsm
  • Automatic 2 sided lamination or short one side work
  • Automatic flush or sealed edge trim option micro adjustable for precise flush or custom cut encapsulation
  • ALM ASAP Film is designed exclusively for Digital Print and will not de-laminate
  • ALM ASAP Film also has excellent anti static properties

This new generation auto feed laminator has had many upgrades from the very successful original ALM 3220, upgrades include:

  • Heated rollers instead of heated shoe plates for better laminating results.
  • Wider film running width of 330mm from the original 320mm.
  • Longer laminating length as standard for large banners or bespoke prints.
  • Micro adjusting side trimmer for even more accurate trimming on your print.
  • 25% higher productivity level compared to the original ALM 3220

There are 2 trimming modes, complete trimming of all 4 sides flush to the edge or leave a border on all 4 sides, all set in seconds. The Almeister automatically senses the paper and operates the internal rotary trimmer. No noise, no fuss and very little wastage.

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