Laminate - Fujipla Laminating Roll Film


The Fujipla range of films are available in both matt and gloss.

All prices indicated are per box of 2 rolls.

For single sided film on the ALM3220 the box contains one roll of film and one under roll.

One width fits all - you only need to know if you require gloss or matt and the film thickness/micron.

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Description Micron Length Code Price (2 rolls)
Single Side Gloss (film & under film) 30   AL30S £168.34
Single Side Matt (film & under film) 30   AL30MS £249.61
Matt Film 38 300 AL38M £242.36
Matt Film 75 150 AL75M £171.24
Matt Film 125 100 AL125M £145.12
Gloss Film 38 300 AL38 £110.29
Gloss Film 75 150 AL75 £101.58
Gloss Film 125 100 AL125 £105.94

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