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GMP Q-Topic 380 Laminator

Product description:
The GMP Qtopic - 380 Auto is the ideal and speedy laminating solution for digital and traditional media thanks to it's automatic paper-feeder. This machine offers the benefits of both excellent lamination and digital finishing solutions. It is ideal for BOPP lamination, Digital BOPP Film, Nylon lamination, Sleeking, Foils and speeding up performance times - foil and laminate in seconds!

Perfect lamination for wide range of Lamination
Space-effective compact design for office, copy shop & photo shop
Automatic paper feeding gap control system and automatic burst cutting system
Film tension control device and decurling device are equipped
Automatic feeding paper gap control
Air compressor (with light weight & low noise) is placed inside the body
Strengthened laminating pressure for more stepped-up bonding power effecting perfect quality of output
Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operator convenient control & quality productivity
Cantilever type film shaft for easy film loading

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