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Duplo 350 Booklet System

Product description:

This 3500 Booklet System consists two DC-10/60 10 station suction fed collator, DBM-350 bookletmaker and trimmer and Squareback. This system produces high quality booklets with its automated Deluxe stitching heads and integrated spine press. The 350 Booklet System also offers high productivity, creating booklets at 3000 A5 books per hour.

Fully automatic and fast to setup, it is an extremely user- friendly and requires minimal operator training. The DBM-350 offers an exceptionally productive and professional finishing solution with very reasonable cost.

The fully automated 350 Suction Booklet System is extremely easy to use, setting up a job takes seconds on the touch screen control panel. Alternatively the operator can recall jobs from the 20 job memories, this vastly reduces set-up times making it easier to meet those all-important deadlines. The Hand-Marry unit is also featured on Duplo's larger bookletmaking systems, not only does it allow the operator to add loose sheets to a job, it also acts as a receiving tray for mis-collated sets, this in turn keeps disruption to a minimum.

The 350 Booklet System is ideal for high production, high quality booklet making. The Deluxe stitching heads reduce the cost per booklet considerably due to the yield of stitches per wire spool, around 50,000 booklets per spool is achievable.

The Duplo ASM350 post processes traditional stitch-fold booklets and transforms them into SquareBack booklets that resemble a Perfect Bound finish. These are flat and easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk to loose pages – you can even print on the spine. It gives added value and it is faster, more convenient and cheaper than perfect binding.

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