Watkiss Bookmaster Pro with Spinemaster


The BookMaster Pro30 booklet maker and trimmer are simple to operate and low maintenance, making them by far the most advanced, user friendly and reliable staple-fold booklet makers available today.

They can be used off­line for hand feeding, or on­line to Watkiss collators, as well as other manufacturers' bench­top collators.

The BookMaster has a unique low-impact stapling mechanism that ensures virtually maintenance free operation. The main wearing parts are included in the staple cartridge and are replaced every 5,000 cycles when the cartridge is changed. As a result, over one million cycles can be run before staple head maintenance is required.

The BookMaster Pro30 has automatic set­up to adjust the sidelays, endjog and staple/fold position. When used on­line with a Watkiss Vario collator, the collator's colour touch­screen runs the entire system. For offline use, a separate control panel is available. The settings for standard sheet sizes are ready programmed and other custom sizes can be saved to memory for later use.

The optional TrimMaster Pro trimmer has a single self‑sharpening hardened steel blade to neatly trim the fore‑edge of the book. All trimmings are transported outside the machine to an external waste box allowing continuous operation.

The SpineMaster post-processes traditional stitch-fold booklets and transforms them into SquareBack™ booklets. These are flat and easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk of loose pages - you can even print on the spine. It gives added value and it is faster, more convenient and cheaper than perfect binding.

The SpineMaster connects online to most booklet makers. It fits after the trimmer units and the unique SquareBack™ process ensures that no additional trimming is required. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine.

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