Duplo DC-615 PRO Slitter/Cutter/Creaser


The DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser performs exactly as it states: accurate creasing, slitting or cutting of digitally printed work. It is an ideal answer to the question of how best to finish many types of short-run digital print which can result in cracking problems when using standard finishing machinery. The single unit offers a multiple of finishing options to create a myriad of professionally finished saleable products in a single pass. Duplo’s understanding of the problems associated with digitally printed material has led to the inclusion of features to keep the unit operating to its full potential. Despite this versatility, the DC-615 is simple to operate thanks to touch-panel displays and well-conceived user interface.

The DC-615 is a finishing unit that delivers a range of finishing processes in a single pass. This means a one-time only set up waste allowance. Its functionality means a wide range of products can be achieved all finished to a highly professional standard. The easy to use set up and 80 program set up storage minimise down time and the training requirement. Waste collection bin keeps operation tidy while 100mm capacity feeder allows unattended operation. 

Tool-less operation includes an ‘adjust all’ feature which locks all settings relative to each other so allowing a single move to make all adjustments to the job no matter how complex.

Ideal for Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Flyers, Menus, Leaflets.
Feeder Capacity: 100mm
Speed: up to 8 sheets per minute
Min Paper Size: 210mm x 210 mm long
Max Paper Size: 320mm x 650mm long
Paper Weight: 110gsm - 350gsm
Min Bus Card Size: 48mm wide x 85mm long.
Slitters: 6 (2 side, 4 centre)
Margin Slit: 3.2mm - 55mm from paper side edges
Gutter Deflector: 5mm - 15mm strips
Max Tolerance: +/- 0.3mm
Cross Knife Cutter: 1
Max Cuts: 15 (Prog in 0.1mm increments)
Creaser: 1 x creasing rule (Matrix)
Max Creases: 10 (Prog in 0.1mm increments)

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